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Armstrong Veterinary Osteopathy

Armstrong Veterinary Osteopathy is a team of Manual Osteopathic Practitioners, who are trained to treat both small and large animals.

Small animals (pets) are treated within our clinic space at 2069 Hammonds Plains Rd. Hammonds Plains, NS.

Large animals are treated at your location. All large animal appointments must be scheduled via email Please note that a fee for travel may be charged.

Our Animal Practitioners

Hammonds Plains Location

2069 Hammonds Plains Rd. – Hammonds Plains, NS

Kentville Location

17 River St. Unit #17 – Kentville, NS

Jessica Stackhouse, MOMSc, GDAO

What can Osteopathy help with in regards to animal care?


Sport and performance animal (race horses, jumpers, hunters, barrel racers, flyball and agility dogs) place their bodies under tremendous strain. Athletes are prone to repetitive task injuries, and this can lead to expensive interventions, as well as significant intervals of down time. Osteopathy can reduce the risk of injury while improving movement – all of this improves performance and increases longevity in competition.


Whether reconvening from an injury, or rehabbing after surgery, osteopathy can assist in restoring motion, improving blood flow and lymphatic drainage and in supporting nerve function. This translates to improved healing ability and potentially increased return to normal every day function. Osteopathy has a great effect on painful conditions and we often see improved ability to sleep and heal.


Illness or chronic medical conditions often wreak havoc on the body. Everything from arthritis (which causes pain) to incontinence (which is a pain…) can benefit from osteopathic therapy. By supporting the function of anatomical structures, and ensuring good blood flow, drainage and nerve signalling, osteopathy supports your pet. This often leads to a reduction in pain, a reduction of symptoms, and sometimes a reduced need for pharmaceutical support.

Please Note:
Armstrong Veterinary Osteopathy provides ONLY osteopathic manual therapy. We DO NOT provide routine veterinary care (vaccines, emergency services etc). Please contact your regular veterinarian for your regular health care and diagnostic needs. Osteopathy is a complement to (not a replacement for) regular veterinary care.

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2069 Hammonds Plains, Rd.
Hammonds Plains, NS
B4B 1P3

(902) 483-2773

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