We are a team of Manual Osteopathic Practitioners servicing the Halifax Regional Municipality of beautiful Nova Scotia.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Osteopathic Manual Therapy?

Osteopathic manual therapy is based on the principles that the body is a whole, not a collection of pieces, and that optimal alignment and structural integrity allows the body to heal itself. Osteopathic manual practitioners must have an excellent working knowledge of anatomy (structure) and physiology (function) in order to remove any restrictions to your ability to move effectively. The improvement in movement then optimizes blood flow, lymphatic drainage and nerve signalling ability. This translates to a reduction in symptoms, such as reduced pain, better sleep patterns and increased energy and vitality.

What do I wear for my Osteopathic Treatment?

Loose fitting, comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely is best. Long hair should be gathered up with a hair elastic. Please remove belts, watches and jewellery prior to coming in to the clinic.

What can I expect during an Osteopathy Treatment?

Your practitioner may ask questions about your health history to better understand your needs.  You will be assessed and treated at every appointment – these two activities often happen simultaneously so there is a smooth flow to the appointment.  Your practitioner has your concerns and presenting complaints forefront in their mind, but because osteopathy views you as a whole being, you may feel like you are being treated in areas that do not relate to your problem.  Trust us!  Every part of you contributes to how you feel and how you move.  The best outcomes are those that reach and address the source of the problem, and that is what we set out to do.  Treatment is very gentle and well-accepted by patients (including children!)

How long are my Osteopathic Treatments?

We suggest you arrive 5 minutes early for your appointment, and you can expect to be in the treatment room for up to 20 minutes.  Since we are assessing and treating simultaneously, we are very efficient with our treatment time.  Osteopathy is also an “outcome-based” therapy, not “time-based”(like massage).  This means, that once we observe the desired change in the position and movement of the anatomy, treatment is over. 

How often do I need to come for Osteopathic Treatment?

Osteopathic care relies on the concept of “as much as needed, and as little as possible”.  This means that the frequency of visits will be completely personalized, based on how long your concern has been affecting you.  Your overall health and lifestyle will also be considered in developing your individual treatment plan.

Arbour Square Osteopathy believes in honesty and transparency in our approach. We assess your progress on every visit.  Usually, after three to five visits, we can determine if your progress is in line with a reasonable expectation for improvement. We will also tell you if we feel our care is not helping, and will recommend you seek medical diagnosis or additional professional care.  Your health is important to us and we believe a team approach is the best way to optimize your health. 

What conditions does Osteopathic Manual Therapy treat?

Osteopathy addresses dysfunction (poor motion and lack of symmetry) in the body – so we can affect bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, blood vessels, lymphatics, nerves, and organs.  This wide-reaching ability to affect the body supports the body’s ability to self-heal and self-regulate.  This means osteopathy is good for every condition!  Osteopathy can reduce pain, increase mobility, support recovery, support function in the face of chronic disease, improve athletic performance, and more.  Any condition may result in changes in anatomic function, so restoring normal alignment and function can help.

“An osteopath is only a human engineer, who should understand all the laws governing his engine and thereby master disease.”

Andrew Taylor Still


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